Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.
— Henry David Thoreau

I have been writing since second grade when I wrote a story about a scoop of ice cream that came to life due to an alien invasion. 

Since that time I have written articles for magazines, newspapers, and radio. I have interviewed veterans, doctors, musicians, and judges. I have written editorials and promotional materials for the arts. And I have written lesson plans for almost every level of education.

I am as passionate about teaching the language as I am about using it. Everyone deserves the opportunity to develop a strong voice. This is why I have dedicated an entire page on this site to Grammar.  Strong communication begins with confidence and strong grammar skills lead to that confidence.

Whether your next project involves ghost writing, promotional material, or articles for your online publication, I'd be happy to discuss the project with you. Resume is available for more details.